Question titles on Reflection Extension pdf

Hi all!
Does anyone know the proper way to enter question titles so that they show up on the Reflection PDF that is part of the Reflection extension?

Thanks much

I’ve been able to use the Open Input Display Title and the Open Input Body fields to display titles on the reflection PDF. Let me know if this works for you. See attached image.

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Amazing. Do you know if there are any contingencies for those showing? I’ve made sure every component I’ve selected to display has an Open Input Display Title but they still don’t seem to be showing up.

No, I’m aware of anything special. Sorry couldn’t be of more help.

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In the Reflection extension menu, have you gone into the Behavior tab, clicked Show Components, and selected all your Open Input components there? Only other thing I can think of…

Yes, I did. It’s weird that the descriptions still don’t come up on the final PDF. Thank you for trying to help!

Have you tried putting text in the Instruction Text part of the open input components? That’s the only thing that worked for me when I used reflection for the first time in the last few days…

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Yes. It wasn’t working for me before but now it’s working