New Evolve Interface webinar - 8 Dec

Come and take a look at the new interface in action, find out about the benefits and how we are supporting you through the change in our upcoming webinar. You’ll also get the chance to put any questions to the team.

REGISTER NOW! Evolve’s New User Interface! : Intellum

The event will be recorded so that anyone who cannot make the scheduled time can watch it from the Evolve Hub shortly after. Register your interest to guarantee you receive a link to this and any further resources by email as soon as it is available.

Hi @hbailey,

Just checking to see where todays video will be shared.

Cheers, Cath

Hey Cath!

I’m just preparing the page for it, then it will be available under Past Events on the hub with all the others, and registered attendees will get an email containing further information and the links too.

Should be in the next couple of hours!

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Live now!

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Thanks Helen.

I just watched it. Amazing job, thank you.

If you want any more beta testers, I’d love to be involved.


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Thanks Cath, that’s lovely to hear. We were very pleased with the response we got, and we’re super excited.

I can ask Nairi to pop you into the pilot sandbox, and then everyone will be beta testers in January!

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That would be great, thanks Helen :raised_hands:

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