Narrativ Component theme issues

The narrativ component is a very good idea, however, I have issues with the theming.

As you can see, it is not possible to use a white background, as the arrows are not visible anymore. Also, the arrows have the same color as the body, which makes it hard to spot for users. It would be great if appitierre could improve this component. I’d remove the line below the image. It would be great to be able to configure the body color in a way so that it does not affect other components. It would also be great to have a vertical or bottom alignment for the text.


I noticed that the background color of the component is defined by “Component Item Background Colors” and not by the Component Background color.

This has been frustrating me too, and resulted in me not being able to use the component. I’d also love to be able to style elements of this component independently.

I also noticed that the component item Padding controls the padding for Desktop devices controls all device sizes and not just that for Desktop.

I had a similar problem - I solved this by using the media carousel component instead. It works similar, but looks cleaner in my opinion.

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