Media Carousel Options

Does anyone know how to center the images in a Media Carousel? It looks so odd that they’re to the left.

Have you tried this

Punam, that is Vertical alignment as opposed to horizontal which is what R_Strang needs.

R_Strang this is not the default behaviour for media carousel, it should be filling the whole space of the carousel with the image no matter it’s size. I think your theme is influencing the component. Take a look at “Component Item” within your theme and any article style that may be applied to that article with the component in. Let me know if you still need help.

@R_Strang that’s a bug which will be fixed with the next Evolve release


@Matt_Leathes and @hbailey A few follow up questions.

So just to confirm - when the bug is fixed, will it automatically center things/fill the component space? Or will I need to come back to it to center it?

Also wondering if there’s an ETA for that release?

Lastly - when something built in Evolve, published to Exceed had a bug that gets fixed, do we have to return to Evolve to resync it?

Yes, it will automatically center things once the release is out and you republish/resync your course.

We don’t like to give specific timescales for releases but we usually do a release on Wednesdays.