Hear row colour in text component table

Hi all,

I’m creating a table within a text component and would like to add/change the colour of the Header Row. Does anyone know where that setting is?

Many thanks

Hi there, you can change the font colour for each cell in the header row (highlight the text in a cell and select the drip icon in the body text settings), but if its within a text component, I don’t believe there’s a setting specific to changing a header row background colour. There is of course the table component which has a lot more flexibility as a potential alternative.

Thanks Sam - ideally its the entire cell colour I’d like to change not just text. However it does appear that the header row fill is black with some transparency by default. Unfortunately Im using a black article so the header fill is lost. Nevermind.

As a side note, the table component would be a better choice for styling, however you can do little, if no formatting of text, and I’m looking to have bold type and bullets in some cells.

Appreciate the help!

Of course - I will talk to my team and see if there’s any way we could consider a feature request for the table component.