Default colours missing from text editors

Hi, my Evolve has just updated to Evolve 10 (which is looking great!), but I’ve noticed that this has removed the theme’s default colour palette from each text editor. This means that if I want to change some text within a project to any of the colours from my theme, I have to use the hex code instead of selecting it from the colour palette as with previous versions. I’ve noticed already that this is slowing down my development speed.

Has the feature been intentionally removed from editor or has this been accidentally removed in the latest update?

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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Hey! We’re just checking this, do you mean the original editor (pre Evolve 9) or the new editor of Evolve 9 but since 10 has been released?

Hello again!

This is an oversight - the icon that we were using has fallen off! There is a workaround though - just to the right of the little art pallette icon is a clickable spot where the button has moved to without its icon. Click there and you can continue to pick from the default colours (see image).

We will be putting this as a high-priority fix for the next release (hopefully this week for any post-10-release-fixes!

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Sorry I missed your original response!

Thanks for your speed in responding to and solving this issue, you’ve been a big help.

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Hey @devteam this is now fixed, thanks for raising it!

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