Customise the width of the course navigation menu

The course navigation menu is a very powerful navigation option for those who wish to keep the homepage (dashboard) disabled within a course. In other words, users are taken directly to a page instead of seeing the dashboard when they load the course / web page and they can navigate by going through the course navigation. However, the course navigation panel is limited in width which leads for the title not to be fully displayed. There need to be an option to allow text wrapping for long titles or for the panel width to be adjusted from the theme settings. Currently, you can only set the course navigation panel to appear on the right side instead of left side and the background colour can be changed but the width is standard.

This feature is very critical to our workplace as our stakeholders prefer for courses to open directly instead starting with a dashboard menu.

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Thank you Haitham - wrapping the text for this menu has indeed been requested before - I will add your vote!