Changing question's right or wrong answer backgrounds

Can anyone tell me if there is a way to highlight the background for a right or wrong answer? I’m thinking of the learner chooses the wrong answer it’s a red background. If the learner choses a right answer it’s a green background. Thanks for the help.

Hi Christopher, I don’t think that’s currently possible. You could use Global feedback (settings > Globals > Questions) to have a particular image in all correct or incorrect feedback, but that’s it.

Thanks. This helped.

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Hey @Sam_Cook_Evolve_QA and @Christopher_Spencer could you use Logic to swap out the article or article style maybe?

Good point, Helen, would be a bit convoluted to set up but that could work. You would set up a logic trigger with Components Correct/Incorrect as the event, select the relevant MCQs as the Condition, then Set Article Style as the action.

You would need to set up an article style for correct/incorrect, ensure that each MCQ was within its own article. Im not 100% sure how to just change the colour of feedback within an article, but there probably is a way to do it or approximate it.

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It would need something alongside the different coloured background to be helpful to colour blind users.